I was super nervous embarking on this trip but just going from one airport to another is already so much fun off not for the wait.  I mean I love people watching so it’s kind of a perfect place to be at ^^. I get to see people from all over the world and that itself excites me ! Not to mention the food the stores and the sexy accent ! I was dreading the long flight before but now it’s not too bad 😀


I’m supposed to find a new year resolution or resolutions but I dont know what it shouls be … I had fun thia nye though watching boys over flower with mom was fun before leaving for school and omg reply 1997 daebak !

Day 2


Super sore from walking all day yesterday hopefully today will be easy and chill. SUPER Excited to see my trainee Nahyeon today ! APO rules 🙂 More Korean music in the background in the morning im like this way too much ~